Sometimes, even the best laid out plans fall apart. That said, there are times when small notions to do something wind up becoming reality before you know it. I never thought I’d be capable of caring about someone again, or that I’d even want to. But here I am, writing sappy stuff, because I have. I’ve found someone, had a child with someone, and am working toward building a future with this person.

So here goes. My intention is to stay with my current employer and pursue training in metrology. I’m going to learn how to use quality systems that are the standard and learn future standards in order to apply the principles of quality to manufacture. And my future wife intends to pursue a healthcare career by route of nursing. We’re going to give our children the best possible futures that they could hope for and pass on the best possible values that we can, because we love them.

Also, thanks for making my political/infosec blog into a sappy livejournal, you douche. I love you most, and if this doesn’t fucking prove it you need to be beaten up.