I’m running everything I have from a really shitty VPS service right now. It’s actually fairly hilarious how pathetic this service is, but it’s free, so I can’t bitch that much. You always get what you pay for. Always.

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t had any real network connectivity in what feels like many eternities. I’m still at work too much. I still have a ton of things going on outside of work. I haven’t even called an ISP to find out how much it would cost to begin setup for an account. I’m still with my beautiful sexy pants. I hope that never changes. Our son is huge. He’s only six months old, but the only thing he’s currently wearing that doesn’t squish him is 18 month clothes. He’s huge. He’s a beastly little boy. It’s not even solely the fact that he has filled out, but he’s tall as well. His feet stick a good amount out of his car seat. He’s enormous. He’ll surpass his sister in height before she’s a grown adult, and it’s ridiculous because he’s trailing her seven years in age. I love my midget and my giant. I love my family.

I hope to be able to write more posts, and not just updates in my life, but posts about things in which I’m passionate about. I don’t know necessarily that I’ll really be able to retain my voice online, but I suppose it couldn’t hurt to continue to try.

Postscript: To those who I’ve served files for- apologies for the down time. Services ought to be restored as per the norm. Your patience is appreciated (and the files are lulzy anyway).