It still amazes me these days that there are some out there who are vehement proponents of Barack Obama. I can only attribute to these people that denial is the strongest emotion they’re capable of mustering. Denial is the only thing a person can hold on to when faced with the harsh reality that he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’m going to gather a few points that blast solid democrats out of the water.

Drone strikes

Obama loves drone strikes. Women, children, the elderly- they’re all subject to the oppression of Obama and his unmanned bombers.

Government transparency

One of Obama’s huge “Change” proposals he heralded was a new era of government transparency, which would usher in an entirely new type of government that is accountable and answers to it’s constituents. Mhm.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Apparently, there are a ton of asshole democrats out there who support Obama and state that the media is just lashing out unfairly! Sure. Sounds awesome. Except for Obama saying that Manning was guilty before he was even put on trial. Yeah, a true transparency advocate would grill any whistleblower. That’s complete media bias right there. Absolutely.

No. Fuck you all. You’re all retarded sheep. You can be shown the world in a million ways and you’ll still only see it within the limited scope of your pathetic views.

I’m disgusted.