IRC is a Bad Place™

[18:44:05] <Aar0n> i fit a Sharpie up my urethra the other day
[18:44:11] <Burgina> hawt
[18:44:23] <o_o> eww
[18:44:29] <Aar0n> maybe thats why i pee black chunks
[18:44:38] <Aar0n> I fergot to put the cap on first
[18:45:29] <Aar0n> i found this killer vag mesh video anyone wanna see?
[18:45:33] <Burgina> yes
[18:45:47] <o_o> brb
[18:45:51] <Aar0n> naa ill be a good boy
07 Apr 2012 13:38 | irc, Aar0n, Burgina, o_o
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