More on my New Occupation

I was uncertain when I wrote the first blog post about my new job, but I’ve found out that CNC machines are rather diverse and quite complex. It would seem that numerical control panels and machines are actually interchangeable to a certain extent. The machine I’m currently running has a FANUC 18i panel and it’s attached to an Okuma 2SP-35H dual-spindle lathe.

Okuma 2SP-35H

The one in the image I found is fitted with a FANUC panel as well. I hope to learn more about CNC as I go along, machining is actually pretty fascinating to me. It also seems to be a pretty lucrative trade to get into.

Well, I’m off. It’s very nearly time for me to head in to work. If you have any questions, either leave a comment or email me.

19 Mar 2012 15:46 | work, okuma, cnc, lathe, fanuc, robotics
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