Something has been irritating me for some time. Some community-college jackass has decidedly ascertained that all I’m capable of is “The Blame Game”, and can’t see where I go wrong in situations. Well, I’m writing this to prove him wrong. Here goes.

I accept blame for the mistake I’ve made. I accept that I screwed up momentously in being with someone I didn’t much actually care for, who ended up turning into a horrible and manipulative human being, and I accept that I’m punished now for my terrible mistake. I realize that whatever ridiculous laziness caused me to not leave her after the first year I found myself miserable is entirely my fault. I accept that responsibility. My own misery in that situation was what caused me to beg her to postpone indefinitely us having children, because I really didn’t enjoy her company as much as a mate should. She was irritating, belligerent, controlling, and cared only for herself and her own comfort. My immediate response was always to look out for my own best interests and eschew her entirely, which I was always blamed for.

So, there you have it. I accept responsibility for my lot in life. I did it. I chose what I thought was a mediocre person to settle for and wound up finding a “worst case scenario” partner, and even worse ex.

The only thing I bemoan is the effects her actions have upon my daughter. It seems she also wants to destroy my family, but she has no power to do so. I love my partner and my children, and no bitter soul in the world can harm my family. On the whole, I’m completely disgusted by the people who look at things she does in agreement. In the very least, those people are the ones who are easiest to cut out of my life forever- they never meant anything to me if they’re capable of that.