It would seem that the old blog has suffered a minor setback. A few, I suppose. One, I’m not exactly in a permanent residence at the moment, so I don’t have all my hardware at my disposal. Two, my VPS provider took a shit on my slice and lost all my data (thanks, gais). Three, the most recent backup I have to work with isn’t all that recent.

In any case, let me know if you have any difficulty with this freaking blog. I haven’t run jekyll on Windows before. This is my first go. It’s a pain to update without rsync. Makes me want to kick puppies.

However, to sate your curiosity, I’ll divulge this:

I’m perfectly fine. I’m happy. I’m moving on and getting things done. Pretty soon I’ll have everything sorted out and no reason at all to look back. Yeah, this blog was downed for a while. I can tell you now it will never be permanently removed. I will always maintain some semblance of a public voice.

That said, I have quite a few updates I’m wanting to share. The only thing I lack is time. I might later tonight, though, as my ability to update opens up.