It looks like I’ve been too “outgoing” lately. My name appears to be on everyone’s lips as a result of all my outgoing splendor. That’s going to have to change abruptly.

The compartmentalization of my life has begun. The cruel fact that the people you can’t trust, versus those you can, are nary a stone’s throw away from one another. I decidedly have a single person I can trust aside from myself. That person knows who they are, and they’ve taken a predominantly leading position in my life. I’ve bet all my chips on a single person, and I can tell you that it’s not a mistake, no matter how insane you believe I am.

Lastly, on a somber note; It’s sad to watch adults play the gossip game. One person tells another person something, who tells someone else, who notifies another, and so on. Each detail mutating with each retelling. I’m fairly certain I’m now considered by most to be a crack smoking bandit who beats on old women to get my thrills and sells heroin to preschoolers, which would explain why my pockets are full of lint most of the time. What strikes me as pathetic is that my life is no one’s business but my own. It will never be the concern of another human being so long as I live, and far too many people are forgetting that. Everyone, sincerely and with the depth and breadth of all my heart and soul- Everyone can literally fuck off. Everyone. I’m done with everyone. I’m done with games. I’m going to live my life according to my own moral guidance and principals and I’m going to do this without the aid or assistance of any other human being aside from my single point of trust.

So begins the era of the four person Hermit Kingdom. I didn’t do this. Everyone else did. It’s what we need, because we don’t care about what you need.

EDIT: This is so fucking cringe. Holy shit. My regret is immeasurable.