A few weeks ago I received some damned interesting news. I’m a dad! Again!

See diagram.


Things are going to be hard, yes. We both realize this. But we’re also both extremely excited to go on a difficult but rewarding journey together as parents, and we both love each other and our bean very much. So much so…


… Well, you get the idea! But we’ll see. I lobe you, notary. Most.

Also, I’d just like to put this out there right here and right now. There have been people who have come to us with concerns (though admittedly no one has yet done it in any way properly), and it seems like a lot of people have a habit of assuming the worst. Yes, we’re concerned. Yes, these are hard times. But you know what else? We’re damned happy, and no one is going to change that for us. So if you have a desire to piss in some cheerios, just see this image, here: