Sleepless, tired, sleepless, tired. I think I’ve managed to smash those words together rather well with my currently screwed up schedule. Alternating between the two is making me rather… Irritable. I’m unable to make good use of the time I’m capable of finding, mostly because I’m too exhausted just as soon as it floats my way.

Blogging aids and abets what little sanity that’s able to manage the minefield that is my brain. Cognition beyond the simplest thoughts- No, rarely may I ascend beyond my own plane. Instead, I’m forced to watch all manner of pig smash words together in faux-English and pretend he’s a higher order animal. Twitter is the favorite, these days, of such swine. Trolls, they like to call themselves. They pretend they know things about social engineering. Condemning works does not equate to engineering. Engineering requires thought, requires building things. Not burning bridges. Yet these condescending assholes burn bridges, taunt, provoke, and when all else fails they flail their arms and scream loudly, “Victim! I’m being victimized! People are harassing me and my children!” No.

Karma does exist. If you’re afraid to sleep at night, it’s not unwarranted. If you’re harassed by every online acquaintance you meet, it ought to be expected. If you’ve trusted the wrong person- Well, I guess it goes to show that you either have to scrutinize more or trust less.

It’s sad how so many of these imbecilic trolls spew such hate for Wikileaks and Julian Assange, totally ignoring the mass corruption of the very government they claim to protect. Protection of government is giving it a thorough weeding, occasionally. It’s long overdue. These trolls are simply prolonging the inevitable with their campaign of redundant idiocy.

I can only hope Hubris has truly defected, otherwise not even those with brain cells left sparking are capable of escaping the sway of retardation.

Then again, one can only imagine the information that might pass his hands if he were still “fighting the good fight against Anonymous”, secretly, with his “former” affiliate…

Also, Mr. Terban: Your writing is terrible. Mine is pretty poor, but somehow yours looks worse compared to my own. Could you please wise up or shut up? Thanks.