I’m full of piss and vinegar today. I’m ready to bust some heads and kick some ass. The summer of truly living life has finally gone full swing. My employer needs to back the hell off of me a bit, but other than that I won’t complain too much. I won’t jinx myself to say that things are going “well”, but they certainly aren’t as dismal as they’ve appeared to be in the past.

I plan on blogging about a few topics that are important to me. Like irssi for Windows. I think I’d dump Windows entirely if it weren’t for the games available and my utter disdain for Wine. I also want to write a really awesome introduction to minbif. It has a few “catch-alls” to getting started that may be preventing it from being adopted as quickly as it should be. Definitely looking forward to that. You should check it out.

Admittedly, my work schedule is hectic as can be. I might only get passed writing the minbif intro. I might not get to the other “howtos” and whatnot that I’d really like to delve into. I guess I’ll drop this entry on it’s ass with a “we’ll see”.