It’s funny how life works. You think at one moment you know one event would sincerely bring you happiness. This single moment you hoped for - could be anything from a package delivered to seeing someone torn limb from limb - only to find that event wasn’t even what you needed. To suddenly awake to the realization that life is complex and diverse, and those who try and relegate it to ones and zeros will ultimately never live despite having been born.

I’ve had my epiphany. I know exactly what I need from life. I know exactly who I need in life. I have everything in my sights. It’s simply up to me to grab what I need and run with it. To never look back and never give a second thought to what I’ve left behind. I know love like not many do. I’ve been taught by someone much younger than me the true meaning of love, and by proxy, life itself. Love and life are very intertwined in deep and exotic ways. We teach each other things on a daily basis and enrich each other’s existences.

Life is a calm ocean. The whole sum of “Information Security” drama is essentially a thimble-sized embarassment on the ass cheek of life. I have no need for the e-whoring and drama. I have all that’s important to me close at hand. I will ensure this is so for the rest of my life, because I know what’s important.

Yet I still reflect upon this point- “Karma is a bitch”. You fuck over enough people, those people are all going to get back up and fuck you right back. This is why I’ve tried my best to be a jovial ass at best. Never more than irritating. So far, I think karma has rewarded me bountifully. I have a girlfriend who is beautiful and wonderful, within arm’s reach and so very appreciated. I have my family. I have a life to live. There are plenty of people in that sad little thimble who can, at best, snare digital girlfriends who will realize all too late how sad the situation is. Sad individuals who will never amount to anything in life. It’s only until you find something you thought you needed that you realize you never needed it in the first place. You had what you needed all along.

Much appreciation and love to everyone who’s been keen on karma during this whole crazy debacle.

I’m gonna get the fuck out now. Later, kids.