I’ve watched “#prosec” and “Anonymous”, and all the douchebags in between, from a distance. It’s hilarious. Having formerly kept up to date with these people, I can tell you that it’s entirely similar watching from afar as it is being involved with communication. It’s all drama. Relentless, redundant, retarded drama. “OMG YOU PICKED A FIGHT WITH SOMEONE I LIKE SO I’M GONNA HACK EVERY MACHINE YOU HAVE BECAUSE I DONT LIEK U”. It’s kindergarten, sans kindergarten teacher. The breakdown is just as hilarious.

  • Tattlers: FBI Informants
  • Bullies: DDoS skids
  • Punks: “Hackers” / Skids
  • Teachers Pet: Anti-OWS / Anti-Anonymous
  • Rebellious ADHD Student: Anonymous

Yep. It’s fucking hilarious. I see losers everywhere, and the only real winners are the ones who just walk away from the mass idiocy and live life as it’s meant to be experienced. Even the jackasses who get ratted out by the FBI informant snitches get a better life than the snitches themselves, as the arrested party is at least taken out of the loop of retardation. Information Security is a complete misnomer these days. It has nothing to do with the security of information, and more to do with Maury Povich-style drama and ego whoring. Every “researcher” is basically in a pissing contest about whose Google Fu is more adequate. It’s fucking hilarious because it’s the exact same for the skids, only the skids target system vulnerabilities and not identity information like their ego-whore counterparts.

Where are the programmers who discover system vulnerabilities? Do they even exist anymore? Perhaps they’re virtually invisible because the ego whores are much louder than they are. Perhaps they’re just wise for abstaining from this twitter orgy of retardation. In any case, I’ll watch when I can, when I need a chuckle.

As a bonus, I’ll include something hilarious that I recently picked up off of the internets. It’s one side of a fail story, but an interesting read nonetheless.

log ReaperSec-#graveyard.log