I have business to tend to. Things are coming at me rapidly, and I’m already overburdened with tasks and no time in which to deal with them. Ditching this blog, facebook, and the internet on the whole, is pretty much all I can do to squeeze the little time I have and make it work for me. So that’s what I’ll be doing. Can’t keep it up forever, sometimes life just gets in the way of hobbies. It happens.

That said, I’m sure I won’t be missed. There’s decent reasoning behind the subtitle of “Most Acerbic Blog”. My views and opinions are rarely kind. They convey the bitterness of my mind rather well at times, often encompassing reality and truth in a bender of sarcasm or loathing. So, there we have it. Posts may or may not continue, and if they do, “sporadic at best” is the only description I can afford to give.