Movement 2012

Hey losers, you going? Have you even been to any sort of concert or festival? No, the local Renaissance Festival doesn’t count, you faggot.

Man, people accuse me of not having a life, and yet the only breaks they get from IRC or twitter are 12 hour windows they fill with sleep. Infosec seems filled to the brim with losers who bitch, gripe, “troll”, and basically use the infosec community as a vent to relieve the pressure of having no real life to tend to. Congratulations, you have an e-girlfriend. Or some nasty bitch you used to work with at 7-11. Or some husband who has no idea what you actually do online (which really doesn’t constitute much). I have a life outside the internet, something you retards ought to “research” more.

So quit your relentless and useless bitching about “Anonymous” and “Occupy”, because no one gives a flying fuck about your opinions. No, cut your bitter bullshit and go live life, and maybe you’ll find yourself not having enough time to bitch about inane topics no one really cares about.

Maybe, anyway… I somehow very much doubt it, though.