I’ve been watching the tweets of @cubespherical with a sense of irony in the back of my mind. The story is so far fetched, the monetary goal beyond ridiculous. I won’t present a whole lot of reference material in this post, it’s merely an insomniac’s rant. However, read through and you just might agree with a few of my points.

First and foremost, if you’ve kept up with @th3j35t3r’s (now defunct) twitter account, you’ve seen “a certain writing style”. What’s more, if you’ve used IRC at all in places he has been known to lurk, you’ve seen a few writing styles. I’ve seen jester’s writing style jump from proper capitalization to apropos internet junkie shorthand. Either this guy has MPD, or he’s a fucking SE master. Then again, there is a more likely explanation, one that’s been put forth on the internet but actually disregarded. It’s quite likely jester does have MPD, in that the identity is/was comprised of several individuals. The identity amounted to no more than a puppet of several people with a common goal.

Jester has had quite a few OPs come and go, but there are a handful of individuals he was “closest to”, despite their deflection of such attachment. Alan Everett, Ed Williams, Robin Jackson, to name a few. These people were all vehement proponents of “th3j35t3r” at one time or another, or have continued to be.

My proposal is this: Quite a few of the past jester dox were actually correct. Not just one, but several. This @cubespherical nonsense is their way of closing up shop and shutting down this perfunctory little operation, as it has largely lost meaning and become overly tedious. After all, claiming jester to be a single identity is a decent way of covering the asses of the many people involved.

So pick through the past jester dox, figure out those who have had close ties or were at one time channel operators (whether they defected or not, I’m looking at you Crypt/Reaper), and you’ll likely have a positive identity behind @th3j35t3r. As for the goals this group intended, I can’t say exactly. Fame? Notoriety? The only thing that makes sense is that they used the “Anti-jihad” fight to perpetuate pro-Western propaganda, and later on to fuel the “Anti-Anonymous” movement. Were these people paid? Were they part of some government program? Well, @cubespherical fully intends to fog history and ensure we’ll never get the answer we crave.

To be honest, I don’t give a rat’s ass. The answer was in our faces the entire time, but only a handful cared to look. Well, screw you guys, I’m going to try to go to bed now. Getting this off my chest might help me sleep a bit better.

EDIT: It’s also quite likely that the people who were puppetting jester originally ceased to do so as they were doxed as jester, slowly eliminating individuals until the last one was left, “CryptKper / Reaper” (Alan Everett), who so handily “defected” from jester’s graces. He is most likely the last person to have handled the account and manifest the @cubespherical drama as well as reapersec/jester tension himself. Just pointing it out, people. It’s all too convenient and makes the most sense, not to mention protects him from all those “awful people with towels on their heads”, as he may quip most jovial.