Well, kids, it looks like it’s time for a short hiatus. I can’t really keep up the post frequency of “every day” or even “every other day”. It’s going to wind up being once a week at most, if even that. Things are getting too busy. I’m caring less about shitting into the ether. Lots of reasons add up to one good one- This blog is pretty pointless. Not to say it ever had a point to begin with, but at least I wrote what I felt and it felt good to write. Now it mostly boils down to a few douchebags “e-stalking” me and people casually clicking “x” after parsing a few titles. I’ll be honest, it’s really not terribly impressive. I don’t write insane or fascinating viewpoints on current events or share crazy new angles on programming or technology. At best I’ve shat some opinions out there, same as everyone else, and pointed out one or two things I’ve found interesting. Doesn’t really justify the time or energy I’ve put into this thing on the whole.

So this is basically a farewell to the (fairly terrible) post quality you’ve seen so far, as it’s going to reach new lows very quickly, albeit infrequently.

Here’s a nice video for you to enjoy. Have fun.