Anonymous has had some bad eggs in it’s time. There have been violent adherents, bad ideas, and blemishes all around. The spirit of revolution and change for the better has been pock marked by bad decisions due to a select few not following any ethical path. Though the movement is large and diverse, with many participants. “The Internet Hate Machine” as it was once known is dead, they’re now just a bunch of kids wanting governments and corporations to behave- or else.

Yet, Anonymous gave birth to something far more horrid. Every movement encounters resistance, sometimes in the form of a new group formed entirely to counteract the original. Largely eked out of former WhyWeProtest members, this new “Anti-Anonymous” has sought to deride and derail all activity done under the Anonymous banner. “Backtrace Security” was the first name given to Anti-Anonymous activity- a corporation formed by a5h3r4h and hubris, Jennifer Emick and Jin Soo Byun, respectively. The fanfare of this new entity glommed other bitter former members or people who loathed Anonymous from the beginning, and a new era of regression was born.

Things seemed to go well for the Anti-Anonymous movement for a while. It seemed like Anonymous was able to hoarde enough bad press for the nay-sayers to seriously gain traction, and a following. If there was one thing I noticed about every new “Anti-Anonymous” adherent, though, was that they all have pompous ass attitudes. It’s almost necessary in order to join their ranks. Humility is not welcome in the least. Nor did I feel all that welcome after a while.

You’ll soon find out, children of the internet, that these former WWP members have largely adopted the tactics of those they used to protest. Harassment, condescension, derision, these are only small parts of their fair-gaming. They’ll also try ever so hard to “dox” you so they can intimidate you out of criticizing them. They’ll fervently google you all night in the hopes of silencing you. They have truly adopted a “fair game” policy. “If you aren’t with us, you’re against us, which means you can be destroyed by any and all means necessary.” Congratulations, Emick and pets. You’ve really created a cohesive group that goes above the one you’re critiquing.

I’ve watched all this happen from starting point to present day, and this post is long overdue. If you think for a moment that the person harassing you isn’t connected to Emick, think again. Her loyalists are sickening puppets, she has her hand up many asses. So I’m done with you kids. Done with it all. It was a hilarious joke to watch, evolution wise. Thanks for the laughs. Now go away.

White Flag

It’s not worth it to me to see you execute your little plans, so I give up. I’m done with the whole clan. You can have your little victory, because in the end, you’re just proving my point. I won’t put someone else in the line of fire over proving a point- I’m not like you people. So I give up, I’m silenced on the subject. You won’t hear from me, nor hear me speak on the subject again.