This facebook thread made me giggle a little. I have as friends some really hard pro-Bama people, and it’s interesting to see what flits across my facebook from day to day. I despise the Republican party for a lot of the reasons I despise Obama. They’re old-fashioned, backed entirely by greedy corporations, and favor iron-fist control over the people when it comes to security- not just at home but abroad as well. For reference, here are the links mentioned in the thread:

Obomney 2012

You might be asking; what’s the point of contradicting propaganda when you don’t support the other side? Because this election is lose/lose, I’m going to be a detractor for all sides. Thankfully, Republicans don’t really require a lot of hate- they bash themselves with shortsighted world views and terrible opinions on the economy. Obama, however, is also making himself an easy target. Things like Bush-era security tactics and tacitly ignoring the masses on subjects like copyright make Obama the worst “revolutionary” president ever. He’s just a Clinton, but black. This is groundbreaking, how? Please wake up, sheeple. Your government has been hijacked by corporations and you aren’t doing anything about it, just rolling around in your own shit.