I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the “PsyOPS” and “InfoSec” professionals that are wildly chasing hackers all over the internet. People claim they’re so elite because they’re infiltrating A GROUP THAT ANYONE CAN JOIN, REGARDLESS OF RACE, CREED, OR RELIGION. I guess it’s tacitly not infiltration, as I’m sure some of the “legit” members don’t have the group’s best interest at heart, for various reasons. So if you’re claiming to be “Destroyer of Anonymous”, you fail at life. You’re a fucking loser- an asshat. The reality is that Anonymous is destroying itself. It swells and declines. It will always eliminate parts of itself. Kind of like pruning. No group with such radical and diverse beliefs can remain cohesive. However, all “#prosec” douchebags are typically Republican, Bradley Manning hating government suckups who shit on the first amendment and would love to see all Arab Americans die. These are not generalizations- these fucking nutbags still have sore tits over 9/11. At least, the “twitter vocal” ones are that way. It’s ironic. If you want to gain support for your cause of “hating Anonymous”, wouldn’t you be nicer than a nazi? My guess is “mudsplatter / hubris” is still on the #prosec side of the fence, hunting Anonymous down with PsyOPS and trolling. However, he’s playing good cop at the moment. The minds at Backtrace Security likely discovered that being raging douches from all angles doesn’t get you very far. So riding high on the crest of “namshub.pdf” and the fact that all their dox came from the fallout just before HBGary, they’re trying like Hell to prove they’re actually worth something to the internet, and not just screaming trolls.

No matter how you boil it- snitching to FBI under pressure like Sabu, or willingly swinging on FBI nuts like Emick… Scum is scum. You can’t be pro-government without being pro-douche. On that same token, you can’t swing with Anonymous without being a militant extremist. I think everyone involved needs to calm the fuck down and get a grip on reality. Both sides need to take their lithium. Until then, fuck everyone. They’re all acting horribly retarded, and I’m going to watch everyone fuck each other from the sidelines, and laugh hysterically at all the retards scrambling to recover. Meanwhile, someone out there is actually contributing code or vulnerabilities to information security, and they’re not even tweeting… Go figure.

Ephixa / Zelda Step - Lost Woods