The thing I find most humorous about Sabu’s IP being discovered is that I have this gut feeling that I know exactly how it happened. Sabu, being at least a somewhat arrogant prick, had no qualm with hanging out everywhere and anywhere on IRC. I also know he was speaking to Emick quite often, and had even had discussions with her before getting his July visit from the feds. On to my suspicion.

Rumors are floating around that Emick has a botnet, or just commands one. This makes sense to me. She’d suck her own dick if she had one, even if removal of ribs to do it were necessary. She seriously loves herself more than anyone or anything else on the planet. It’s apparent in her tweets, her speech, and how she handles others. It makes sense for her to enjoy the “power” of denying internet service to others. More than that, it would offer her a chance to get at Sabu. Pummeling his VPN endpoint while he’s away from his keyboard would mean discontinuing his VPN connection. If he’s not there to reconnect it, it’s quite likely his IRC client auto-connected to IRC without that VPN protection. She likely waited until he said he was going away from the keyboard to do something, and hit her big, shiny, “DDoS Sabu” button in her botnet GUI.

This makes me wonder two things; do the feds know? Who supplied her with access to this botnet? Lastly, I can’t help but wonder if the feds are aware and condone such a thing.

In any case, it really is pure speculation. I think Emick knows better than to trust anyone with such knowledge, because she really has no friends (thanks, Hubris!). Fighting for the “greater good” my ass. More like fighting for book deals and speaking gigs.

If anyone has interesting leads or information, go ahead and let me know.

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