It looks like Hubris has finally had enough. Enough of what, I can’t tell. But the fallout between Him and A5h3r4h has been sincerely lulzy. I’m damn near dying, laughing at her condescending, horrible “help” email, in which she belittles and is generally bitchy, status quo. It looks like BacktraceSec has been generating some funds in their witch-hunt of Anons, and A5h3r4h (henceforth referred to in this post as “Emick”), can’t seem to hold on to any of it. Of course, with any e-drama leakage onto the internet, it’s important to take everything you read with a grain of salt. However, I’m still reading the fucking hilarious twitter fight* between them. A few things gleaned in the past five minutes of reading:

  • Emick is IT-illiterate and is ingrateful for Hubris’ efforts.
  • Emick is loudmouthed (already known by everyone in InfoSec).
  • Hubris definitely has a drug problem.
  • Hubris has more planned for the shitstorm- KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED.

This is going to be pretty fucking epic. See what happens when you try and coalesce snitches into one tiny area? Shit hits the fan in the greatest of ways.



Bonus pastebin:

*Direct link to Chirpstory

Lastly, everyone out there really ought to take my grain of salt comment seriously. These people literally have no lives, they sit in front of Google all day, hunting down people who do have lives. This reeks of retarded troll bullshit, but you never know. All we can do is sit and watch them herp in their own derp.