It would seem I have the kinks worked out in my rsync setup. I guess I herped before derping when setting permissions, not realizing that the only way to get the binary to execute with a new login group added was to restart the process. It’s okay, I have a helmet to protect me from myself. It’s padded and has hexagons like a turtle shell. Hurrrrr.

Aside from that, though, things are going. I’m working still. Always good to have net gain in funds week by week. My feet, arms, and come to think of it- everything hurts. Sometimes it hurts in a gratifying way. Body parts such as my feet, however, not so gratifying. More of a stinging, burning sensation. Cramping also sucks. Back cramps, foot cramps, overall horrible cramping. I’ll survive. I’m not here to bitch, dammit. I’ll cease this at once.

Moving on, I’m trying to think of neat things to research and blog about. Things I can post links to support. I don’t know, maybe someone should email me with ideas. That’s always helpful. In any case, I need to get to sleep. Working midnights is Hell, dammit. I’ll live, though. I’ll live.