The installation of my virtual soapbox is now complete. I wrote a half-second bash script to take care of fixing permissions on my end before rsync-ing the whole load to the “web server” (term used loosely, here, as the janky garbage I have set up only took two whole seconds of deployment). Everything should be all set. No more XML: PARSER JUST HAD A GODDAMNED FUCKING SEIZURE, YOU RETARD style errors or 403 Asshat Has No Permission issues. Should deploy with two simple commands and let me stand on my little, virtual, audience-less, soapbox all day long.

Too bad I put all this effort and time into something I have virtually no time to use! Oh well. I’ll figure something out soon, I bet.

Just have to run

jekyll --server

Check to make sure everything is pretty


This does a call to find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {}\; and -type d to set 755 respectively before executing rsync and sending it all out onto the tubes. Might suck for a while when uploading music or anything larger than a few kilobytes, but It’ll do.