As all five of you (the people who read this thing) may or may not have noticed, I tweaked the layout a bit. I’m the kind of writer that can just shotgun a bunch of entries and fill up a front page easily, none of my content is really worth clicking links to get to- I figured I’d make it all up front for you. All the newest and freshest shit is right there on the front page. If you want anything else, it can be obtained via links. Not sure why I didn’t tweak that in the first place, I just figured I’d be content for the moment to learn Maruku and Jekyll and be done with it. Probably not the wisest of moves, I guess. Not like it really matters, though, as I don’t think there are masses screaming for what I have on my brain at any given moment.

Well, I think that’s really all I wanted to say for the moment. Maybe I should leave you with something amusing, like a picture from 4chan. Sure, that’ll do. Coming right up…


Yes… I realize I’m going to hell.