Things are going really well. I have a (temporary) new job, zero time on my hands, and a crapload to do. Nonetheless, it’s easy to find the positive in my life because I have a lot of amazing people who care about and support me. I’ll always be grateful to the people in my life who matter.

The new job may only be temporary, but I have high hopes that it will become a permanent situation that I can count on for regular income- even if it isn’t the best of situations, any situation is better than zero income. I’m at least proving to be pretty good at it. I just wish I didn’t come home every day smelling like carbon dust. It could always be worse. I could come home smelling like fry oil.

Well, this is just meant to be a short and sweet update, because I don’t want you kids to think I’ve stopped caring about you. Have fun, everyone! Be positive for a change.