I’m damned glad I’ve pulled away from a lot of what seems to be online drama whoring and idiocy. “Trolling”- thrown around a lot as an excuse for being butthurt and not having the coping skills to deal with it without throwing a fit like a little girl. “Hackers” seem to have the sorest tits I’ve seen, not having any social skills at all and pissing off people by the busload. It’s ridiculous, really. Do you actually think it’s acceptable to piss everyone off just because you’re in a position to? Just sad, really. Living in a basement or garage and having no flesh body to turn to, just pixels on a screen, thousands of miles away. I guess I’d need medication, too, if that sad existence were mine.

Damned glad I’m not stupid enough to trust people who were stupid enough to violate my trust in the first place. Makes life a lot easier. Watching bad things happen to people ends up being funny and pathetic, rather than sad. Online drama is special because it seems to be a game of “King of the Hill”. Sure, one person ends up on top eventually- it is, however, inevitable that they’re thrown down the hardest in the end. Guess it’s hard to see it coming when you’re the one on top for the moment, but believe me… It’ll come.