Sabu: FBI Informant

I think those links sum up the coverage of the “arrest” of Hector Monsegur a.k.a. Sabu. It’s been an interesting story- from the rise of LulzSec and the Fox and Sony hacks, all the way up until the end of summer. Now we’ve come to realize that Sabu never got “v&”, only because he was informing the entire time. Something tells me his life is going to be a little difficult for a while, as being an informant is not exactly the most well-liked occupation for a person to have. Note a few things, though. One, he was only “arrested”. He’s not serving hard time, not that I can see anywhere. He probably will get at most two years, and go on to making a ton of cash as a consultant. Who wouldn’t want him? Sure, he’s rogue as hell, but now he’s fingerprinted and exposed. The combine has him. He’ll never have an independent thought in his head again.

Anonymity brings up the issue of trust. You can’t trust a nameless face. Sabu is evidence of this to the extreme. No one believed in “the cause” more than him, or so it would’ve seemed. Only to find so much later that his informing has led to arrests and equipment seizures. There will be more arrests, possibly of a notable writer, fairly soon. What does this mean for the human race? For the nation? For computer security in general? Not a God damn thing. It was a fun diversion for one summer, but his rise and fall hasn’t meant a damn thing. The fact remains; changing the world means changing people. The implications of that statement sink in yet? Have you ever tried to change a person before? Congratulations, you have solved the mysteries of the world. Now accept the world as it is, accept your fate.

Accept that you are no one of significance in world events.

Here, have a little music with your revolution. Both sides, #prosec and #antisec.