This post is largely a reply to a blog post by x_ryujin_x on his blog.

First of all, the internet is an insanely useful tool whose value can’t be underestimated. Sure, the internet can transfer lots of interesting information at light speed. That’s incredibly helpful. However, there are many sad individuals who put far too much faith in the internet and rely solely on it for their livelihood, pretty much entirely. It’s important we take a step back and realize the full implications of “TANGO DOWN” in relation to the internet.

“TANGO DOWN” equates to little more than censorship. It occurs in many forms, and has limited use. When misapplied, censorship can backfire badly. Many people make attempts at censoring information for many reasons. Packet kids throw bits at IP addresses on the internet, usually due to bruised egos, because they have no ‘real’ way to retaliate. Does it actually harm or interfere with a person’s life? No, not in any way. We have to keep this in mind when we analyze the actions of hacktivist “th3j35t3r”. He’s a nice guy, and he means well- but let’s face it… Hitting jihadist recruitment websites is the tip of a very large iceberg. If he wanted to really decimate jihadists, he’d be jumping into the NSA cellular data monitoring program. Every useful effort against “terrorists” occurs at the clandestine level. You kids with your scripts do nothing, and I can guarantee that. No approach you can take will ever impact anything, because you live in “the digital realm”, a place that affects no one of importance. We real humans live in the every day. We go to work every day, drive our kids to school every day, and get drinks with friends at bars. Real humans don’t sit in front of monitors 24/7 in hopes that people see our tweets or blog posts.

In summation; go outside. Get a dog. Go to a park. Join the army. Travel abroad. Do things real people do and you might begin to get a sense for how the world really works, and not all this retarded “hacker” garbage. I’m sorry, but you don’t have to live in your mom’s basement and sit at a monitor all day to be a “hacker”. You require a true sense of reality to even scratch the surface of solving the most important logic puzzles. One can’t get any bearing on reality unless they pry themselves away from the screen occasionally.

Congratulations to everyone who empathizes with what I say; You probably have a life and are happy. To those who don’t understand this post: Try harder, because one day you’re going to wake up with mountains of regret for a life wasted. As for you, x_ryujin_x… Nice post. Keep it up, but don’t forget to frame perspective once in a while. Realize that a lot of the “jester” and “anonymous” drama is just that- useless and idiotic drama that stupid people use to entertain themselves, a band-aid on the sore notion that they have nothing real to occupy themselves with.

Thanks for reading, kids. Wise up.