Crazy. I didn’t even realize that yesterday was February 29th. I typically do notice when months do crazy things, like when they have extra days that they don’t typically see. I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open right now. I just got back from working all night, and my feet are ridiculously sore. I’ve consumed more caffeine in the last 18 hours than most people consume in a week. I’m starting to physically slow down. I can’t even get adequate sleep despite my exhaustion. Something will wake me up and I’ll find it impossible to go back to sleep. It’s not the light, my bedroom is really incredibly dark. It’s the noise, I think. The last time I did midnights I found the best results when I slept with earplugs in. But I also need to be able to wake up to an alarm clock. Tricky business, these third shifts. I’ll figure it out- or die trying.

Hell, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to drop a comment. (To my entire readership of two individuals!)

Okay, I’ll stop shit-posting. I seem to find myself blogging for no goddamn reason these days. I think because it’s easy and because jekyll makes it fun. Well, I’m off to do things I have to do. Later.