Just a couple things. First of all, I may have work lined up soon. Woo! Big hurdle crossed with that one, a lot of time and effort finally paying off. It’s only been a year since I’ve last had gainful employment. Here’s hoping I’m employed soon and from here on. Second, I’ve dumped my contracted cellular provider in favor of one of those cheap services that are typically associated with “burners”. It’s going to get me through the hard times, that’s all that really counts. I need a phone. I won’t have to go without. Lastly, if I get a job soon you shouldn’t expect my blog updates to be as rapidfire as they are now. Life is hectic enough without a job, it’s going to be far more so when I’m working again. I probably won’t want to touch this damn blog, despite the satisfaction I get from updating it. It’s quite possible that I’ll have the time but not the inclination. You never know.

Lastly, I can say I’ve seen a lot of drama lately. I’m sitting on the sidelines because drama is pointless. I just sit back and watch it, with a bucket of popcorn, not wanting any part of it myself. I don’t get why people want to make each other miserable. Usually the ones inflicting upon the others are sorely lacking any direction in life. Get a job. Get a hobby. Be a productive member of society. No one cares what you have to hold over someone else’s head. Grow up. What’s pathetic is that you’ll see drama coming from twenty-somethings, but vast volumes of it come from the 30 or 40+ crowd. Take your grandchildren to a movie. Stop shitting on each other, Christ. Thanks for teaching me that wisdom does not necessarily come with age.

Well, that’s it for today’s rant. Don’t expect a whole lot in the near future. I might disappear even more completely than I had already.

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