I may or may not be drunk. We’ll get that out of the way first. I realize it’s only 7:15pm, but at least it’s not 8:00am. Nothing’s worse than being piss drunk in the morning, amirite? I dunno, I think every blog gets a drunk post once in a while, I might as well drunk-post. I’m not really that bad off, just a little tipsy. Losing weight has made me a lightweight, which is a little frustrating. I used to brag about being able to drink quite a bit before actually becoming inebriated. No more, as I’m drunk rather easily, and cheaply. Thankfully, I’m not drunk all the time. Once a month is probably the greatest frequency that I’ve been trashed, even in the worst of circumstances. I’m grateful that at least my ability to write isn’t severely hindered after a few drinks. I’d be frustrated if I couldn’t bang out a paragraph that’s readable.

I recently logged into my old Bitlbee daemon that I have configured on my FreeBSD machine. I had an old twitter account set up on it that showed me something I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise- My ex is now using her twitter account. What’s more, is I’m discovering that she’s ghetto as hell. Like hood-rat ghetto. I’m so disappointed, not just in that discovery, but in myself for spending ten years on someone that’s literally ghetto as fuck. Not just ghetto, but “Lee press-on” sippin’ a 40 of Old English 800 and bitching about “That motha-fucka ain’t no good you worth more than that gurrrrl”. I seriously facepalmed so hard when I read two months of twitter updates. There’s a sincere difference between being “ethnic” or “ethnocentric” and just plain gutter-trash. Way to blow so far passed the line that I have to live with the shame, lady. Please change your last name now, you’re tarnishing it beyond recovery. Seriously. Ah well. I suppose I’ve written enough about that.

The economy is really faltering, hard. People swing on Obama’s nuts like monkeys from a tree, and I genuinely don’t understand. He’s a corporate whore just like all the Republicans. But because he wears a “Democrat” pin we’re supposed to think he’s some pseudo-Christ savior, because we’re all evolved? Seriously? Grow the fuck up. Do you honestly think Obama is pulling for you, us, or this country? No, he’s doing what the Republicans you hate so much are doing- Ensuring he gets re-elected and has a fat stack of cash in his back pocket at all times. Things are going to deteriorate and fall apart, and he won’t do a God damn thing about it. He can’t, he’s a slave to money just as the rest of us are. Ah well. People will always be sheep, I suppose. Baaaah. Enjoy your place in the slaughterhouse line.

I’m gonna go do something productive now, rather than bitch into the ether.

Update: Thought this thing could use some music.