The internet is a bizarre place. It seems to have consumed most of the social interaction we would generally take for granted before the era of Twitter and Facebook. While it did overpower certain roles, it still by no means adequately replaces them all. Job hunting is more painful now than it’s ever been. Job applications are typically riddled with questionaires that take an hour to complete while you typically find that the company won’t call you back. Things are desperate, and it’s not easily remedied. I’m going to be heading to Kinkos to run off at least twenty copies of my resume. I intend to drive everywhere within a twenty mile radius in the hunt for a job, because I have no choice. I’ve applied in person and online for over a year, and the only times I’ve ever been called back have usually involved applications in person, albeit they’ve been incredibly rare no matter what. Things are rough, and I don’t think it’s possible to understand unless you’re actually jobless and struggling. I forecast prostitution to rise significantly once most of the UIA benefits run out for our 10% unemployed. Drug sales and abuse will probably spike as well. All while Obamacare drains what’s left of a once-powerful healthcare empire that’s limping along with minimal staff and overpaid executives. I simply don’t see any plausible fixes in the near or distant future. We have a population that consists primarily of blue collar laborers, who are wholly unable to sustain themselves with blue collar jobs. Hell, I don’t know. Things just look bleak. Neither Obama nor some up-and-coming Republican are going to fix the immense problems we’re already experiencing. Don’t get me started on what’s to come. I just hope the government still has funds to subsidize soup kitchen centers, housing for the homeless, and other programs that will sustain 20% of the population in the next twenty years. If not, there will be many dead.

If you find the things I say to be incorrect or incendiary- welcome to the blogosphere.