First of all, the situation was as such: I had the opportunity to screw over a certain person living in Florida, and I took it. I stepped on pretty much everyone’s toes to piss off one person that I didn’t deem fit for living. That taco-obsessed fruitcake knows who he is. I don’t apologize for that, because I think anyone and everyone would’ve done the same, and basically continue to do the same. That said, moving on.

I ridiculed Barrett Brown pretty hard. I honestly don’t think he’s in “tinfoil hat mode”. Truth be told, he’s probably right about a few of the “conspiracies” that he’s pursuing. The only thing I don’t agree with is his being shocked or amazed that such things could happen. He has apparently forgotten the golden rule for all business conducted: Greed. It’s the ultimate motivator in any and all situations. It would make sense for individuals to conduct occult affairs in order to secure and maintain control over flows of cash. This never shocks me. This is, in all honesty, the only difference between Brown and I. I realize what his critics don’t seem to see- People do really fucked up stuff for money. Even people who already have a ton of money. Why? They want more. If this shocks you, please kill yourself, you’re too retarded to live. At least Brown is involved in activities to investigate, even if he can get lead in circles. Someone out there is trying to figure things out, rather than being complacent with the bullshit they’re being fed.

So, Barrett Brown, I’m sorry I outwardly highlighted you as a person wearing a tinfoil hat on IRC. In all reality, your theories and beliefs aren’t far fetched. Radio and television have been used to control popular opinion. Admittedly, those resources are intended to do so. Social media is the next generation of corporate influence on the masses, or at least that’s what they want it to be. The problem is- it’s social in nature. It can’t be controlled, only influenced. I wouldn’t doubt there are very wealthy people out there working very hard to modify that fact. I would imagine that this is water long under the bridge for you, but I’m sure it’s still nice to read once in a while.

By the way, I jumped on the #OpBahrain bandwagon like a year ago, man. Just sayin'.

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