I’ve purposely kept myself out of the loop recently when it comes to the world of “Anonymous”. A movement that began with no clear intention or motive, degrading to a slogan to wear “For the lulz”, and spiraling into obsolecense; It’s something my life can do without. This will be my last post dedicated to the analysis of the Anonymous fad and it’s largest adherents.

  1. Keep in mind that the hand that feeds will bite, and it will bite hard.
    Anonymous membership has no dues, no fees, no banner or flag, and even the most immoral degenerates can claim the “momevement” for their own. That said, know what you’re getting yourself into when you don the Fawkes mask. Realize that cohorts can turn on you just as easily in this movement as they would without a common cause. I can’t tell you how many butthurt members have screeched “Not your personal army” until they themselves are subject to attack, and subsequently find themselves yelping and whining about their predicament.

  2. Riding Anonymous to fulfill your attention-whore desires is “A Bad Idea™”.
    Refer to number 1 as to why this is a bad motive to haphazardly associate yourselves with some miscreants.

  3. Realize that you are not Anonymous.
    Anonymity and Anonymous are no longer synonymous. Anonymity is impossible in this day and age. Everyone knows everyone, and most people know at least someone. Your name will find it’s way on some lips, and this can be detrimental to future goals or achievements.

  4. You don’t have to don a Fawkes mask to protest.
    Yes, Anonymous wants to wave many pro-rights flags to gain support and notoriety. It’s a fairly clever move. Anonymous is not a magic, morphing, amoebic entity. It has a clearly defined leadership structure. How leaders are placed is less clear than their intentions. It is by far nowhere near being a secret society, yet there are dark dealings in every corner. If you want to protest against something and Anonymous is involved, I urge you to separate yourself and protest independant of their efforts. Define clearly that you don’t agree with what’s going on, but you aren’t going to subject yourself to needless problems inherent in this “New Movement”.

In any case, the world is a dangerous place. Be careful out there, and don’t be stupid.