I used to run Wordpress a while back, and on that Wordpress blog I posted one of the funniest Manycam pranks I’ve ever seen. Surprisingly, I was the one who did this. I had a habit of using 1-guy-1-jar for my pranks, and I’m pretty sure that’s what I was showing this guy. Epic stuff. Without further ado, my foray into making hate to people’s eyes (aside from wearing skimpy swimwear).

Note: Upon further inspection, I might’ve been using “BME Pain Olympics” or some similar content to horrify this poor guy.

Horrified #1

Horrified #2

Horrified #3

Horrified #4

By the way; Macbooks suck for Manycam pranks (and pretty much all other computing tasks). Just wanted to get that off my chest, as I was on a Macbook when I pulled this prank.