Well, lack of funds has forced me to run more than I usually would from just one machine. I’m operating a few services on one cloud-based instance and I think it’ll get me through. It’ll be a gigantic pain in the ass to whitelist everything I need to for Cloudflare, but in the end I think it’ll pay off a great deal. It’ll keep the DDoS-happy kids away, at least.

On the non-technical side of life, things are just as damned complicated. The economy is a horrendous mess, just as it was in 2009, and it looks as if there’s no relief in sight. Moving out of state looks more appealing/plausible now than ever. Coordinating such a thing with family, however, might prove to be a severe annoyance.

I guess this post is pretty random and useless, basically like a “blog ping”, saying that I still live. Yep, I’m still here, still tweaking and working on things. Still doing the same things I do every day.