We got engaged in Paris on the Ponte des Artes! I put a ring on it in Paris, and we had our engagement pictures taken IN FRONT OF THE FREAKIN EIFFEL TOWER. It very nearly feels as though it was a dream. It certainly wasn’t a dream, there’s a ring to prove it, and we’re planning to be married April of 2023. It’s just wild to get on one knee and propose to the woman who has made me feel loved for the first time, whom I love more than I can describe with words.


Amber, You’re my favorite. You’re who I think about most often. Rarely does a second pass that I’m not wondering how your day is going, or how you’re feeling, or what you’re up to. I love cuddling you, I love being close to you, I love spending my day with you and talking to you. If I really wanted to save time I’d talk only about the things I don’t like about you.


“Jada, lova ya, G. I. Jane 2. Can’t wait to see it.” Chris Rock (pre-cancellation) “Rejection sensitivity” is the stated cause of people with borderline personality disorder being incapable of accepting criticism of any sort. In effect, they’re reduced to the emotional capacity of toddlers. This means that any interaction involving any sentiment that could be perceived as or construed as negative will likely evoke a strong negative emotional response from those with BPD.


The amount of time and effort I’ve invested in my home network, home entertainment, and computer equipment; It’s getting harder and harder to leave my safe little cocoon. I’ve put together a rock solid home network setup that rivals commercial deployments, thanks to Ubiquiti. The TV’s in the house are also all decent sized. The living room TV is no longer paired with the tinny, little awful speakers installed in the unit itself.

Anthony Strangis Is a Piece of Shit

First of all, Anthony Strangis clearly has borderline personality disorder. Whether he’s been diagnosed or not, I can’t say. But after watching “Bad Vegan” and seeing the bullshit that that fat piece of shit wrote, it’s clear that he suffers from the very toxic and manipulative mental illness known as “Borderline Personality Disorder”. The way he would bounce Sarma up and down between insults and praises, bait and switch, this fat bastard was clearly not JUST a conman but also has a personality disorder.

Privacy Discrimination

Like many people, I’ve become incredibly concerned with how corporations like Google have been using my personal data. I don’t support their activities in mining individual or collective personal data to “better serve” advertisements, and I believe it’s immoral and unethical. Yet they’ve built a nearly trillion-dollar business model on these very fundamental human rights abuses. Being an individual that’s fed up with the bullshit, I’ve decided that I’m going to take at least some of my privacy back through a few mitigations.

Bad Vegan

I’m sitting here and watching this documentary, Bad Vegan, and I’m just utterly shocked at the immensely stupid bullshit I’m being exposed to. First and foremost: Anthony Strangis, aka Shane Fox, is a fat moronic piece of shit. Seriously. He’s a fucking fool beyond measure. He clearly has a cluster disorder, he’s basically a useless waste of fat. That’s right, you fat piece of shit, I hope you read this. You’re fucking worthless.


I know I’m really bad for claiming I’m going to do things and then not following through with actually creating the content and posting it up here. This goddamn blog has been around since 2007 in various forms, and 90% of the shit I write winds up being broken promises. I realize this. I get it. But this time I’m going to make a claim and I’m going to do what I need to in order to back it up, because I feel pretty strongly about it.

Infinite Loop

I’ve felt the need to write something, to simply say something, but I’ve written and re-written a few posts already. It seems like I can’t find words that fit what I feel. I guess I really haven’t sat down and unraveled the mystery of exactly what it is that I’m feeling. That might be the reason it feels like everything I’ve sat down to write doesn’t fit what I want to express.


Holy shit I’ve been busy lately. Haven’t had a lot of time to catch up with you fuckers. So how’ve you been? What’s new? Everything good? Yeah, I don’t fucking know. Everything is crazy. It looks like we’re exiting “pandemic” status and starting a new era of “Coronavirus is here to stay”. Plus we’re about to see the largest economic bubble explode, rendering everyone much poorer. Oh, and don’t forget Vladamir Putin annexing Ukraine and igniting world war three.

Someone Get Kanye Some Help

Kanye West has lost his goddamn mind. He really thinks Pete Davidson wants to be his kids’ new daddy? Fucking really? This guy has absolutely gone off the deep end. He has absolutely lost his mind. Kanye must have zero experience with divorce. Not only that, but this dumb motherfucker is blaming Pete for wooing Kim when the only person who fucked Kanye over was Kanye. Dumb son of a bitch couldn’t keep Kim happy and is blaming everyone BUT HIMSELF for the situation.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! Yeah, this is all you get for now. New Years wishes. That’s it. Now take your fucking ball and go home.

Schroeder Should Be Removed

Judge Bruce Schroeder should absolutely be removed from his position. He’s clearly unfit for the bench. This son of a bitch has consistently demonstrated that he has a bias toward murderer Rittenhouse with his ridiculous behavior. You know it’s bad when a prosecutor is advising that a judge is acting outside the law. No, judges are not ’the law’, they’re supposed to interpret it. However, there are always instances where the law is clear, and even someone without a position of power can interpret it.


Brace yourselves for more stream-of-consciousness writing, because god dammit that’s the rabbit hole we’re going to continue going down. I know I keep saying that one of these days I’m going to write a well thought out piece about something technical in order to contribute to society in some meaningful way, but I think that’s going to have to sit on the backburner until I can get over a few humps at work.

Cancellation Nation

Words are not violence. I don’t care how hard you cry about words or how much you believe the words hurt you, words are not capable of inflicting physical damage upon a person. To that end, I have to say that I don’t support the war on words. Dave Chappelle is a great example of society’s “War on Words”. “They canceled JK Rowling – my God. Effectually she said gender was fact, the trans community got mad as shit, they started calling her a Terf … I’m team Terf,”


I really didn’t have high hopes for Joe Biden when he was elected president. I honestly thought we’d be seeing more of the same neoliberal corporate lobby bullshit that both the Democrats and Republicans have been hawking for the last fifty years. The “trickle down” bullshit. The ass-kissing of the most wealthy Americans. It’s almost pathological how much impoverished Americans kiss the ass of the wealthiest. Few people truly realize that “The American Dream” was a lie sold to impoverished immigrants in order to lure cheap labor to the states.


It keeps creeping closer and closer. Minute by minute. Day by day. It’s almost here and I’m insanely excited. I’m building a life with an amazing partner and we’re doing amazing things together. The excitement is really starting to well up and I can’t avoid just popping off anymore. I can’t wait. There are so many awesome things we’re planning and it’s going to be so much fun. I’m gonna network the shit out of the house with smart everything.


My anxiety is through the roof these days. I’ve been working on the same massive project for nearly six months now. Maybe it’s been longer, I honestly can’t remember. It has felt like many eternities. As if that weren’t anxiety enough, I’m possibly being poached by our software development team. I love programming and tinkering but I really don’t know what to think. Not only is all this going on, but we’re closing on a new house in the comings weeks.


It seems like we’re devolving again. It’s crazy to think that at some point we perceived ourselves to be quite close to becoming a space-faring species, at home amongst the stars. That imaginary society is so far removed from every society that thinks it’s important to regulate people’s genitals and bedroom activities. It’s all just so stupid, and the more you zoom out the dumber it gets. Billionaires are jockeyed into space on giant dicks that they could only afford because they don’t pay living wages or reasonable benefits or even taxes.