I'm Married!

Before I met Amber I never expected to get married again. No joke, I really thought I’d just solo the rest of my life or just at most have a “life partner” that’s close but I’m not legally attached to, because it was a terrifying thought to be legally attached to pretty much anyone.

Then I met Amber, and she’s my life partner. She’s it. She’s my ride or die, and now she’s my wife.

I love you, my wife. More! ❤️

Perfect Affordable Home Audio

Alright, I have the final puzzle piece in place with regards to my home theater setup. I really feel like this setup is the best setup for me. I love the shit out of this. So I’m going to run through the list. Here we go. Generic and not super important TV Schiit Vidar Schiit Freya Klipsch R-41M Apple TV 4K 128gb So here’s the thing: The Apple TV unit really honestly ties it all together like nothing else.


I don’t feel like I have a net positive impact on society. When I search my feelings and examine this notion I’ve arrived at, I don’t really see any contributions that end up being notable. I’ve done things that have amused me or that I’ve enjoyed, but I can’t really say I’ve done anything to meaningfully change anyone’s life. Not someone else’s, not my own, I’ve never really done anything substantial.

In Minecraft

Sometimes I’ll be doing something, usually driving, and I’ll sort of go on auto-pilot. My mind will drift away from a connection to what my body is doing and my body will sort of autonomously manage the slight nuances of the steering wheel and my feet will kind of automatically guide the acceleration of the car in a regular manner. It’s the wildest thing to be driving without even being mentally present.


Have you ever read about the cosmogony of the gnostics? It’s wild. It’s some of the wildest shit I’ve ever read, and humorously enough it’s about equally possible compared to the ordinary Judeo-Christian bullshit people readily lap up like so many thirsty bitches. They believe that the universe was created by a subordinate God, the Demiurge. He’s not the godhead, necessarily, but an agent of it. They also believe in reincarnation.


Bruh. For fucking real though. What a day. Just what a fucking goddamn day. It’s just goddamn crazy. But after tomorrow so much will be over. I’ll have wrapped up a number of projects and closed a couple orders. And it’s about fucking time. Like, seriously. I’ve been absolutely stretched thin on this shit. It feels like I haven’t relaxed in a while. I mean, goddamn. I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Armie Hammer is a Sad Little Manlet

Watching the last episode of this show, and the cannibal shit is fucked up. Armie Hammer is a psycho and wouldn’t be shit if he weren’t born into wealth. Hell, he was born into wealth and he still isn’t shit. He’ll never star in another movie in his life. So he has cannibal fantasies and he enjoys rape, got it. That’s pretty clear. Anyone think he’s going to try to sue the producers of “House of Hammer”?

Artificialis Populi

Man, watching this Armie Hammer shit is pretty telling. Armie Hammer seems to have some combination of sociopathy and narcissistic personality disorder. It’s wild. Work has been pretty demanding lately. It seems like the all-consuming and eternal Sisyphean shit-show that taints every molecule of my being with sadness and longing for a better world. Billionaires and the ultra-wealthy see us as cattle. We are not their peers as they would have us believe in media and propaganda that they spout.

New Car

Finally we’re back to having two working cars. We picked up a ‘24 Equinox for my lovely wife to wheel around town with and I’m driving her previous car. It’s just a relief to not be strained getting everywhere we need to go with one car or borrowing cars. I’m still mad at myself for fucking my car up. That shit sucked. It was a 2020 and it was paid off completely.

Moving Goal Posts

At some point somewhere in the past I said to myself a dangerous mantra that I think we’ve all told ourselves at one point or another. “Just a few more weeks until {x} and then it’ll all be good from there.” The {x} can literally be anything from a life event to a large purchase or an activity or gathering. It can be anything. The time window can be anything too.


I guess this post is about the meaning of life, given the fact that the title is absolutely the meaning of life. Yay, capitalism! I mean, this is what you wanted, right? Planned obsolescence with no way out of heavy metals leeching into our soil, poisoning our land and our wells? Sounds fucking awesome to me! Thanks, capitalism! And, yes, capitalism has indeed turned what it means to be American into a giant “Fetch Quest”.

Man, I Don't Know

Legitimately. No, really. Man, I don’t know. We’ve got all this bullshit going on with, like, nuclear fusion. And maybe we have room temperature superconductors? Man. I really do not know. This species seems absolutely doomed while duly inflecting some genuine charm as well. It’s just stupid, really. I am not the smartest person in the room. I know this. I absolutely never feel like the smartest person in the room, and in all honesty I feel like I would be a good bar for the low end of acceptable stupidity.

Vulture Is an Embarassing Rag and the Future Vice

Read this moronic bullshit first. Archive, just in case. Okay. Lets start taking this fucking moron apart, shall we? If done right, the trick would help ensure that Rotten Tomatoes logged positive reviews but not negative ones. First of all, why are you so fucking hell-bent on imparting your own personal bias on a content aggregation site? Are you mentally handicapped, Lane Brown? Do you have an issue with the “tyranny of the masses”?


I have to admit, life is uniquely creative in how it can eviscerate you when you least expect it to. I guess I should’ve known when I had seen so many people yell “BINGO” with bone cancer and really awful shit like that. It’s a hint as to how absolutely abrasive life can be. Now I’m not equating events in my life to some horrid diagnosis, not by a longshot. I’m simply highlighting the seasonings of life.


Just because I don’t appreciate the miseries introduced to the world by the Christian faith, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the artistry that has accompanied it’s multi-millennial existence. That said, I’m re-watching “Mother!” for the fiftieth time, because it really is a piece of art in film. Right at the beginning you start in strange territory, with the wife being battered and consumed by flame, then extinguished. Saved, somehow, miraculously. You see the husband put a giant gem on a stand and the charred house seemingly comes alive again.

The Future

It’s the wildest thing to be watching. Wild claims coming out of South Korea about room temperature superconductors popping up out of nowhere. Apparently we’re edging ever closer to breakthroughs in Quantum Computing as well as goddamn nuclear fusion. There are wild new technologies being developed for space travel and all sorts of wildly exciting things on the horizon. We could be on the verge of becoming a Type One civilization.

I Called It Already

Holy shit. It happened. Ruby Franke has finally met with the law. And I totally called it. They’ve arrested Ruby Franke on suspicion of child abuse. Wow. Wow wow wow. I mean, it’s been THREE YEARS since I wrote about this lady, but it finally happened. What blows my mind even more is that her daughter said “Finally!” when she was arrested. I just… I don’t even know how to process it right now.


Sometimes I feel guilty about the advantages I’ve enjoyed over the years. At work I find myself pretty consistently applied to things. There’s never a shortage of stuff for me to work on, ever, it seems. My coworkers complain pretty frequently about working help desk, or even help desk having no tickets for them to handle. I’m rarely ever left alone to just dick around for a day. Part of that probably comes from me pressuring my employers to pay me more every opportunity that I get.


I don’t write as much as I used to. I’ve gone through periods where I could write page after page of all sorts of thoughts popping into my head and I could just bang out idea after idea. Actually, I don’t really know if that’s true or not. I think I’ve been more prolific than in recent times, but I don’t have numbers to support that theory. One thing I do know is that I’ve sat at this keyboard, at a post not unlike this one, and I’ve erased the first line.