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It looks as though we’re going to have to hunker down for two weeks given all the bullshit going on. Good ol’ COVID-19 is running rampant across the globe and scaring boomers into destroying the economy. It’s also pretty likely that we’re all going to be unemployed soon due to this little pandemic. The worst part of it has to be the panic buying that everyone’s succumbing to.

I’m no super-genius, but I’d say this isn’t going to be the easiest thing that we rebound from. As a matter of fact, this is quite likely going to catalyze the next big recession we experience, if it hasn’t already.

Watch out, shit’s about to get interesting.

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17 Mar 2020 21:42 | coronavirus, rant, quarantine



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07 Mar 2020 20:46 | music

Casual Aside

Today is an alright day, but tomorrow will be much better. For the first time in over a decade, I feel complete. Absent of worry, without fear, just filled with warmth and love.

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29 Feb 2020 12:06 | rant

The Wealthy Republican

The “Republican Message” as transmitted to the poor assholes who carry them every election is very distorted. It has to be in order to make sense to the intended recipients. But to anyone with a handful of braincells left, the message is very easy to decipher. Take the whole second amendment gripe. “You need a gun in order to defend yourself from a tyrannical government.” That’s the official party rhetoric for the impoverished masses to consume. The truth is that the wealthy party members want the right to shoot anyone who dare try and remove their wealth, mostly taking aim at all of the poor, including Terry and Nancy in the trailer park with their “Trump 2020” sign. Even if you’re in a middle class home and you’re making a “decent living” for yourself, you’re not exempt from their ire.

What about regulation? The official party rhetoric says “business can’t thrive with excess regulation”, but we all know that’s bullshit. The economy pulsed beyond what we knew to be possible under Obama and Clinton, two supposedly heavy-handed regulators. So what’s the truth behind this rhetoric? It’s aimed, yet again, at Terry and Nancy and their lovely single-wide unit. The wealthy GOP would rather not have to insure Terry in either of the two jobs he has to work to keep his water running. It has nothing to do with “creating jobs”, that’s a facade. You’re a fucking sheep.

How about separation of church and state? Why do the wealthy elite GOP members care so much about it? Better questions may be; Who is profiting from weakening separation of church and state? What’s at stake? What are the social or economic implications of attacking important legislation like the Johnson Amendment? It’s not hard to think your way through this one. Spirituality preys very hard on the intellectually weak. It acts as a conduit for their vote, opinions, and money. The church has complete control over all three of these things when it comes to Terry and Nancy on 2021 Candy Lane. They have inconsistant real food, so they rely on “spiritual food” to nourish them in the harder times. They still give to their local church when they can. They vote how Pastor Rick tells them to, and Pastor Rick was kind enough to bus them and the whole congregation to vote for Trump in 2016. Pastor Rick also tells them how important it is to not “kill babies”, so of course Terry and Nancy have six kids they can’t afford to support, successfully perpetuating the GOP well into the future; eventually creating a generation of impoverished and undereducated jackanapes themselves. Well, the ones that don’t die of fentanyl overdose or go to prison, anyways.

And as for “the wealthy republican” and his “personal relationship with Jesus”, I promise you there isn’t one. People with millions of dollars aren’t going to shun the hedonistic lifestyle set before them, they’re going to fuck, fight, inject, and chase adrenaline with wreckless abandon. They don’t give a fuck about your phony gods, they created your gods thousands of years ago to keep you in line. It’s worked this long, the con isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

So keep loving that amazing party of yours, it’s fine. But know that you aren’t “the wealthy republican”, even if you don’t live in a trailer. You’re Terry and Nancy. Don’t fucking kid yourself.

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29 Feb 2020 11:19 | rant, politics, opinion, essay


I’m so aloof right now. I just don’t feel grounded in the slightest. I feel like I’m all over the place, and I think that’s about as accurate a description of me that can be made. Tomorrow is poised to be very interesting. I think tomorrow is quite likely the point in my life where things reach peak “shit-hit-the-fan” levels. We’ll see, I guess.

I know I keep promising “interesting” content for this blog. I know I’m more than capable of generating it. I just have other things going on in life that honestly matter at least a little more than any of that shit. So I keep getting caught in the excuse that I just don’t fucking give a shit. It is what it is.

I guess I can avoid totally wasting your time and tell you that there’s a youtube video out there where a guy programs “Hello World” on a 6502 CPU using only resistors, and it’s fucking badass. The guy who made it is named “Ben Eater”, and he’s a fucking genius. Follow him.

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26 Jan 2020 21:36 | rant