I'm Married!

Before I met Amber I never expected to get married again. No joke, I really thought I’d just solo the rest of my life or just at most have a “life partner” that’s close but I’m not legally attached to, because it was a terrifying thought to be legally attached to pretty much anyone.

Then I met Amber, and she’s my life partner. She’s it. She’s my ride or die, and now she’s my wife.

I love you, my wife. More! ❤️


Some weeks are chock full of the same day. Like Groundhog’s Day, except time is actually passing. Going through the motions at work, all day, every day. Going through the motions with parenting. Going through the motions with my personal life. Neurotic friend is still neurotic. Nerdy friend is still nerdy. Party friend still wants to party. Novelty is not something the universe is willing to afford me on many levels, it seems.

Choppy MP4 Playback in Plex

I figured I’d drop this tip for anyone experiencing choppy playback with Plex and MP4 container files. I’ve experienced it, and I also came across a fix for it. It’s not the greatest fix, but it’s workable, and the result is good. Apparently the problem is how Plex handles MP4 containers. The best solution is to simply move the video and audio data out of the MP4 container format and into Matroska.

Journal Entry Number Hundredty Thousand

I’ve given up the notion of running a proper blog and have supplanted that idea with a blog, one mainly existing to satisfy my need to put thought to paper. I know, it’s weird. A virtual journal is more appealing to me due to me being a geek. Also, it being public-facing doesn’t really bother me. I don’t feel as though I have to censor myself or steer my verbiage. I feel pretty free to express whatever thought comes to mind.

Random Ran Dumb Randumb

I watch the clock every day. I count down the hours, the minutes, the seconds, to my freedom. I can’t help it. I didn’t choose to have to donate a vast majority of my labor in exchange for the ability to eke out a meager existence. I suppose my existence isn’t as meager as some, or even many, but nonetheless I’m not a millionaire. Xi Jinping is a huge piece of shit.

Poor Sherlon

We’re watching this 90 Day Fiancee: Love in Paradise and it’s pretty wild, man. There’s this guy, Sherlon, who got laid for two days in Jamaica. Then the crazy entitled bitch got knocked up. But really you don’t know how goddamn entitled she is until she starts opening her mouth, and then for an hour each week we’re inundated by the outflow of bullshit from her mouth. It’s absolutely stunning. The sheer volume of bullshit spewing from her face is absolutely breathtaking.


It’s Friday. Can’t argue with that. Especially not the Friday before a three day weekend. Productivity isn’t going to be stellar today, that’s for damn sure. It’s already not stellar. Here I am, blogging random thoughts again. It’s okay. It’s my therapy. It keeps my head in a decent enough space to not spend most weeks crying in a corner while at work. This stuff gets so heavy sometimes that it feels like it follows me home, and I end up consuming far more weed than I really would’ve without carrying this shit with me all over the place.

Firefox Is the Last Man Standing

This is the last great web browser. It’s not even perfect, in all fairness. However, you can grab the better version here. Just keep in mind you won’t be watching Netflix on LibreWolf any time soon, due to total lack of widevine implementation. Without widevine, your browser won’t be able to unpack the lame as shit digital rights management protections thrown all over the place these days. Youtube still works just fine, though.

Media Bias

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COINTELPRO Everything you need to know is in the above link. If you labor under any delusion that the CIA has ceased influencing or attempting to influence public opinion, you’d have to be a pretty gullible individual. The challenge anymore is to suss out who is trying to influence what. Who has something to gain from a particular position or idea? What blows my mind is that there are people out there who consider LGBT activism a “corporate agenda”.


It’s not hard to find people defending Putin’s actions in Ukraine, especially people on the conservative end of the spectrum. It’s absolutely bizarre, too, because they’re usually the same people crying about Benghazi and other similar shit basically non-stop. It’s really just out of spite of the left, I think. It seems to be a more common motivation for the right these days, being contrarian just to contrarian. It’s really goddamn moronic, and yet another reason I can’t respect individuals leaning so far past right.

Propaganda About China

First and foremost, I’m going to get this out of the way: I have zero respect for how the Chinese government represents the Chinese people on the world stage. I’d go so far as to outright say that the Chinese government cannot represent the people of China in any way, shape, or form, because they’re not capable of choosing who represents them in government. Fuck China. That said, I’d like to chat about an article I just saw.


I thought I had an idea for a post, but it turned out to be a fluke. It’s nearly always a fluke. I start with an idea, but the ideas are always fleeting and I’m rarely ever capable of revisiting whatever spawned a post. In fact, I find myself rambling every single time, whether that was ever my intention or not. This in fact is a great example, it’s just a rant about how I rant.


Right after the wedding we jumped on a plane to the Dominican Republic and we’ve been basking in paradise since. We have to go back home tomorrow, and I’m sad. But I’m also excited, as there are new opportunities that await us. It’s funny, though, that we both agree that we’ve already been married for a while, but having said vows and made it official is simply icing on the cake.

Why Jack Dorsey's Blue Sky Will Fail

If you haven’t seen it yet, Jack Dorsey went ahead and is shooting to start Twitter 2.0 which he has named “Blue Sky”. Apparently he’s outright ripping off the overall federation concept from email, XMPP, and obviously Mastodon. I think where Mastodon has succeeded has been in creating a fully federated echo chamber. Yes, you too can now participate in a heterogeneous echo chamber where you post something you believe in and it is showered in the likes and replies of hundreds of individuals who concur!

Holy Shit

Holy shit, I’m getting married, y’all. Like, for real. It’s crazy to think about. It’s right around the corner. I’m insanely excited. I really never thought I’d get married again, and it’s happening in eight days. It’s wild. I can’t believe how lucky I am. It’s going to be an amazing time. The honeymoon is going to be amazing. All-inclusive adults only resort with my new wife in the caribbean. I’m so excited.

Delightful Dirge

Does it feel as though time is slipping by at an ever-increasing rate? I think I was cheated out of a weekend. It’s almost as though it didn’t even happen. Man, the more I think about that the less fair I think the universe is. Time only drags by when you need it to go fast. This is a rule without exception. And time, likewise, slips by when you want it to cling.

Random Dumb Dumb

We’ve been pseudo-watching a ridiculous series on Netflix called “Florida Man”. It’s pretty fucking silly, if I’m being honest. The main characters are mostly normal human-like people, but it’s like everything that happens is happening in Florida, so some scenes just have a random meth-head hijacking an Ambulance. Shit like that. It’s interesting, I guess. I need a new nerd series to watch, though. “The Boys” was great, but my appetite for that sort of stuff is just insatiable.

The SCOTUS Needs to Be Audited

With recent revelations of Clarence Thomas accepting bribes from Republican billionaire mega-donors, I think it’s high time the Supreme Court of the United States be externally audited for ethics compliance and held accountable for any issues or failures found, possibly up to and including impeachment. The public at large will not stand for this insane degree of corruption. We will not have these clearly paid individuals destroying our liberties to satisfy billionaire mega-donor’s whims and fancies.

Republicans Resort to Gaslighting

Since DA Alvin Bragg has brought out 34 charges that should’ve been addressed years ago, the GOP has gone hard with its campaign to gaslight the country into thinking that white collar crime is somehow less egregious because it’s non-violent. Theft of parked cars is also non-violent, do we let those slide as well? I honestly can’t fucking believe these morons. Seriously. Is anyone buying this shit? Donald Trump has been indicted.