Father's Day!

Father's Day


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15 Jun 2019 22:36 | fathers day, vape, dank


Holy shit, it’s been a while. Things have changed. Soooo many things. My job has changed since I really took blogging even remotely seriously. I think the trajectory of my career has been surprisingly upward. Moreso than I ever considered it could go. It’s a great thing, but it also taxes my ability to do any serious blogging. I also have been so entirely out of the scene that I pretty much don’t keep in touch with anyone anymore, save for one or two individuals.

Man, I can’t even. I just can’t even.

So I might post up a few useful tidbits I’ve collected over my brief “non-blogging” period. Brief. Hah.

One of these days I really need to put something up here that’s not just more “languishing death knell”.

F’reals. I will, too. Just you watch. I bet I’ll have a half decent post up here by 2025. Easy.

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14 Jun 2019 17:52 | rant, nonsense, pseudo-update

What the Hell

This is really just a sort of a quick blurb about how I still exist. Nothing really else to say at the moment. Not sure when I’ll update again or what my update will consist of. I’m strongly considering gutting this space for something else. Not sure what. There are a few things I’ll continue to host in perpetuity, though. At least, I fully intend to host until the statute of limitations is long past. Fucking lame skids.

I’m sure that when I get a minute I’m also going to wax poetic about life in general and about successes, lessons learned, things I’m striving for, and the happinesses in my life. I just can’t make any promises at the moment.

This is turning into a more long-winded update than I had originally intended. That’s okay I guess.

Anyways, you can watch this space or not. Regardless of what you do or even regardless of the upcoming net neutrality bullshit, I’m not going to be silenced. Not permanently. I might post infrequently, but my voice will always be heard.

Peace, bitches.

Addendum: I think I know what I’ll blog about next, as far as tech material. I’ll toss up my current irssi setup in it’s entirety, using AWL and a few other scripts.

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23 Nov 2017 19:18 | omgwtfbbq


“Insecurity” is a color no one wears well. If you aren’t comfortable in your own skin it becomes pretty damned apparent when you can’t even take actual kind words from someone without acting out like an enraged child “behind someone’s back”.

#MyFutureIsBrighterThanYours #MyGPAisHigherThanYours #PrettierThanYou #ILoveBeingMe #GrowUp


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23 Jul 2016 14:47 | games, got no time for this

Mother of God

I just have one thing to say:

Being on the road sucks.

That’s really all, at the moment. Maybe, if life slows down some, I can get a few more words out there. I’ve learned a hell of a lot in the last month or two of being a road warrior. Not only professionally, but in adapting my life to being a remote one.

Needless to say, OpenVPN has become my friend. I’ve learned quite a bit about making my life easier in all respects by using it. Especially when it comes to maintaining a connection to my family and my home life despite my not being home.

I just hope when I’m done out West, I won’t need this information ever again.

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10 Jul 2016 12:25 | time, work, life, death