This is where I’m going to collect all my actually useful blog posts that are worth reading. Ie. the non-emo, non-gay, actually coherent collections of information worth reading. It’s basically a shortcut to the meat and potatoes of the blog.

I’m going to try to cohesively sort/organize and make it somewhat easy to navigate. Kinda. Sorta. Whatever. Just pick out what you can use.


irssi 100 window keyboard shortcuts

Jekyll / Blogging

Youtube embedding in Jekyll
Kramdown Syntax
Fast stdout() -> Kramdown via Awk
@font-face compatibility

Statistics / Maths / Metrology

Introductory GR&R with Minitab
Poor Man’s Histogram
Euler’s Phi Function - Ruby
Euler’s Phi Function - Rust
Chamfer Calculator - Rust
Chamfer Calculator - C


Twitter mention counter / Gephi tool
Tweet scraper
Tweet Histogram Script
Tweet scraper - Ruby

Random Bits

4chan grabber
Run APKs Android Apps on ANYTHING

More coming soon

Alright, alright. I know. I’m lazy. I’ll add more as I comb through this pile of shit. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe these are the only worthwhile posts. Oh well. I’ll try harder.