Observe and Report

The NSA/CSS currently seems to be a largely “observe and report” organization, with monitoring in place to build intelligence for action upon when necessary, or reporting to another agency to act on.

My question is, how long will it be before they’re actively monitoring for thoughts, ideas, or sentiments, that are unfavorable and either editing them before they reach the public or altogether suppressing the unfavorable ideals?

Realistically, this capability already exists. It’s in place. It’s ready for action and easily dropped into place on a moment’s notice. At least in theory.

Shaping public opinion is already happening on a global scale with Twitter and Facebook. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to discover the CIA is assisting these corporations with how to shape public opinion to achieve whatever end goal may be set.

Yeah, I know, these things aren’t proven. It’s already out there, people already suspect it. There are legitimate stories that outline these activities already taking place, Facebook is seen more as a news reporting outlet due to manipulating their “trending” section- It currently does not represent world trends.

Sorry, I know this sucks for an update. At least it’s not David Icke tinfoiling.

09 Oct 2016 12:15 | NSA/CSS, influence, spying, corruption
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