Obama's Favors List

Download the #DNCleak data here:


Pass: (GuCCif3r_2.0)

The file referenced is \finance\finance\11-26-08 NFC Members Raised.xlsx.

Barack Obama certainly takes good care of his donors. Look at the million dollar fundraisers.

FirstName	LastName	
Matthew	Barzun	http://prntscr.com/ci44jf
Julius	Genachowski	http://prntscr.com/ci44qq
Frank	Sanchez	http://prntscr.com/ci44vv
Jeffrey	Katzenberg	http://prntscr.com/ci452n
Frank	White	
Stanley	Grinstein	
Charlie	Rivkin	http://prntscr.com/ci45pl
Kirk	Wagar	http://prntscr.com/ci45tk
Alan	Solomont	http://prntscr.com/ci45x0
Mark	Gorenberg	
John	Roos	http://prntscr.com/ci43y1
Nicole	Avant	http://prntscr.com/ci463g
Eileen	Chamberlain Donahoe	http://prntscr.com/ci467s
Jim	Crown	http://prntscr.com/ci46cm
Steve	Spinner	
Steve	Westly	http://prntscr.com/ci46l7
Don	Beyer	http://prntscr.com/ci46qa
John	Rogers	
Orin	Kramer	
Michael	Adler	
Don	Gips	http://prntscr.com/ci471r
Howard	Gutman	http://prntscr.com/ci477b
Robert	Wolf	
Cynthia	Stroum	http://prntscr.com/ci47do
14 Sep 2016 19:59 | DNC Leak, corruption, Obama
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